Past Releases

Earth "Full Upon Her Burning Lips (Sargent House)"

Why in 2019 do some people still think the earth is flat? After all, would it affect how the band Earth sounds? Yes, Earth is back with Full Upon Her Burning Lips, their first album in 5ish years and any questions about the shape of our sphere have not affected how awesome they sound.  As slow as the earth revolves around the sun EARTH bludgeon–and at the same time lull with slow Brontosaurus-like power. Cursing and crushing between 30-60 bpm. Earth are the soundtrack in real time of the glaciers melting and flat earthers brains crumbling. Buckle in with “Cats OnThe Briar”.


Rose City Band "Rose City Band"

Get ready for some country-tinged acoustic blues sorta psych-folk from the fine folks in Rose City Band, with this: their self-titled debut. Produced by uh… someone… the band features… well, some folks. The thing is, they are trying to keep things on the DL here. Add a little mystery to the whole affair. Lemme see if I can think of any obtuse clues that I could give you… Believe it or not, I can! In fact, I’ve already given you one. But don’t let all that rigamarole get in your head, just chill out to the sweet sounds of “Rip City.”

Seba Kaapstad "Thina (Mello)"

It feels like Seba Kaapstad are the future of music. I’ve assumed for a while now that the “next big sound” would be one that includes influences from around the world. Enter Seba Kaapstad. A heady mixture of soul, electronics, jazz, African music-all made by a group of musicians hailing from South Africa and Germany.  But, as the PR for Thina (Mello) says “they set out to demolish the musical boundaries between genres, and in this way also help bring people on all continents a little closer.” So check out the smooth sounds of the standout lead-off track “Thina.”

Aseethe "Throes (Thrill Jockey)"

If’n you are in the mood for some doom-y, gloom-y, riff-fueled metal sounds-then look no further than Aseethe. Throes (Thrill Jockey) is exactly what you want (assuming you want I said you might want). The trio is in sharp form here, with the drums leading the squelchy guitars and inhuman howls forward (but in a good way, not in like a teen’s first band way). Check out the powerful “No Realm.”