Past Releases

SanIsidro "“a lo pesau, a lo bajo y a lo llano” LP (Slovenly)"

From Slovenly Records:


It’s exceedingly common to hear certain music referred to as “a trip.” This “trip” could mean the music seems to take the listener places, or that it’s redolent of certain psychoactive mind-altering substances. But this new LP from SanIsidro, aka Isidro Rubio de Valencia (formerly of VENEREANS and garage legends WAU y los ARRRGHS!!!) is both of those things to an almost shockingly large degree. Depending on your state of mind when you listen to it, you might feel like browsing at a surreal bazaar in Morocco or Tunisia, or walking into the Last Chance Saloon with tumbleweeds tumbling behind you. Or perhaps you’re on the Balearic Islands watching the waves rush in. Then the next thing you know, you’re having your mind rearranged by the music and light show at a San Francisco ballroom circa 1967. Cinematic elements evocative of Nino Rota, Angelo Badalamenti and Gustavo Santaolalla also come to mind, as do the deeply progressive “New Flamenco” manifestoes of Lole y Manuel. This could be considered quite a stretch coming from an artist whose main influence is the traditional folk music of the Mediterranean, with its tales of the woes of shepherds and farmers, or concern with the psychological development of a child’s mind.

These songs seem to magically materialize out of the ether, or rise like a charmed snake. They all seem to come fully-formed as the product of the same spontaneous psychedelic fever-dream, but they were actually developed sporadically over a period of several years (2014-2016) before being recorded and finalized over the course of six months in 2018. Its recent vintage doesn’t prevent it from strongly evoking material that could have been recorded during the original psych era, yet it exists in its own temporal sphere, both timeless and cutting-edge. It ties in with a lengthy tradition of the people’s music of Spain (and elsewhere), and still somehow manages to keep it all simple, basic and accessible. This is some of the heaviest new psychedelic music made in quite some time, and it is gonna blow some minds.
– Greg Caz

Joey Molland "Be True To Yourself (Omnivore)"

 For readers of a certain age, news of the first Joey Molland record in 10 years is going to blow your mind. Once known as The Beatles favorite band, Badfinger was a 70s powerhouse of pop perfection. A series of tragedies ended their career – and as the only surviving member Joey has been performing music ever since. Here we find him performing classic Beatles-esque gems with the help of people like Julian Lennon and Micky Dolenz, and co-written and co-produced by Mark Hudson.
2020 Lyle to teenage Lyle: “One day you will send out a record by the sole surviving member of Badfinger!”
Teenage Lyle to 2020 Lyle: “What? What happened to the rest of Badfinger? And why am I sending out music? Oh wait, do I work for Colombia House?”
Ok… that didn’t work quite as well as I had hoped – thankfully this record works MUCH better. Check out the title track, the easy pop perfection of “Rainy Day Man”.

Anya Marina "Queen Of The Night (RTP)"

The last few years Anya Marina has made releasing singles her thing (well, that and co-hosting radio shows with Nikki Glaser). Queen Of The Night collects those singles into one place, along with some new songs and a few covers. Anya’s relaxed delivery and ear for melody makes those covers sound like songs all her own. Sometimes she has only her voice and her guitar while other times she goes for a more rounded out sound – but its always her voice that is the star – like on her retelling of Taylor Swift’s “The Man.”

A Certain Ratio "ACR LOCO (Mute)"

A Certain Ratio is back! ACR Loco (Mute Records) is their first album in 12 years and their best in even longer. ACR has had a lot of different sounds over the years – with the constant being “post-punk experimental.” This time out it finds the band dipping into every sound they’ve ever tried their hands in. Songs move from low-key Krautrock chill-outs to breakbeat, funkified disco explosions in the blink of an eye. Check out the first song from the album, the multi-tiered “Friends Around Us” or the positively danceable “Yo Yo Gi.”