Past Releases

Eye Flys "Tub Of Lard (Thrill Jockey)"

From Thrill Jockey:

In just over a year since their initial inception, Eye Flys have established themselves as a force beyond reckoning. Their debut full-length Tub of Lard is stunningly potency full of piss and vinegar, scientific in its ability to pulverize everything in its path. Due in part to the considerable pedigree of the band’s lineup (including members of Full of Hell, Backslider, Triac), the east coast-based quartet chew through steel-barbed riffs and off-kilter rhythms with exponential force. Their 2019 debut EP Context set an early precedent for just how lean and ruthless they can be. On Tub of Lard, Eye Flys launch that potential into 10 songs of maximum impact that find both raw power and subtlety in their simplicity.

Check out “Tubba Lard.”

Mint Mile "Ambertron (Comedy Minus One)"

From Comedy Minus One:

Mint Mile is helmed by Tim Midyett, who spent eighteen years in the acclaimed Silkworm, eight more in the critically lauded Bottomless Pit and currently plays bass with SUNN O)))).

After three four-song EPs in as many years, Mint Mile piles up the tunes on Ambertron with over an hour of music across this sprawling, dare-we-say epic double LP. From stripped-down twisters to languid drifters to opulent jams alternately joyous, gripped, hopeful and desolate, Ambertron explores the optimistic, rueful space between the personal and global, the emotional and political, and the places (sometimes dark) where memory and reality meet and sometimes disagree with each other.

Baritone guitar, pedal steel, rock solid rhythms predominate, with keyboards, strings, horns, and atmosphere woven into the mix as expert spices.

Check out “Fallen Rock.”

Moron's Moron "Looking For Danger (Slovenly)"

From Slovenly Records:

At long last, the first full-length from Warsaw Poland’s MORON’S MORONS is here and shitting all over everything you thought you knew about “punk rock.” As iconoclasts in the genre, duh Morons have concocted a rather challenging and unique album called “Looking for Danger” where every track sounds like (the) Germs “G.I.,” Angry Samoans’ “Back from Samoa,” and “Damned Damned Damned,” with subject matter provided by VOM’s “Live at Surf City” EP all played at the wrong speed backwards, layered on top of each other and turned inside out in an exercise in multi-dimensional stupidity with nonstop twists and turns. Juvenile silliness has never reigned so supreme on an album saturated with such noisy obnoxious violence that burns so bad you’ll be begging for a double shot of penicillin before you get a chance to flip it over!

Check out “Rise With Me.”

Fotocrime "South Of Heaven"

Look, if the man wants to talk about his music, then who am I to stop him, right? If the enigmatic R (sources tell us R is actually Ryan of Coliseum) of Fotocrime says ” “This is a record for late night drives, a soundtrack for headlights illuminating the horizon. I’ll make music until the end of my days, with or without a listener, but I’m happy to have a passenger for the ride into the dark.” of the new album South Of Heaven then why wouldn’t I just repeat that helpful bit here for all of you? Get ready for a new wave/dark wave synth-y power cruise with this moody record. Check out the eerie “Love Is A Devil.”