Past Releases

Chris Staples "Holy Moly (Barsuk)"

Chris Staples has found himself saying “holy moly” a LOT lately. Same, Chris, same. Also, he picked a hell of a time to quit drinking-last year. But in his new found sober time he rediscovered his teenage coping system for his issues. Writing songs. The songs he wrote during this time are the ones found on his new album Holy Moly (Barsuk). Honestly, if this is what sobriety sounds like I might follow in Chris’ footsteps. Full of hopefulness and earworm-worthy melodies, this is as good as Chris has ever been! Whether its the Spoon meets Wilco sounds of the title track “Holy Moly” or the classic Staples folk-balladry of “Spinning Wheel” you’re sure to cheer up checking out Holy Moly. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you said “holy moly” yourself (or at least “man that is moldy” when opening your bread box. Freeze what you don’t need next time!). So check out the title track already!

Cross Record "Cross Record (Ba Da Bing!)"

The third full-length from Cross Record (self-titled) is a meditative, unnerving, gorgeous mystery of an album. It commands your attention, yet it spends most of its time just out of reach-lying in the space between… hmmm. Here’s the part where I wrote myself into a corner by trying to compare Emily Cross’ music here with someone else’s, and I’m coming up blank. It’s so singular and nuanced, you really need to hear this one to believe it (thanks for the advice Ripley’s Believe It Or Not). The closest I can get is… I dunno… Sade covering Radiohead? Does that make sense? Check out “Y/o Dragon” and let me know it if does.

Russian Circles "Blood Year (Sargent House)"

The majestic, angular, post-rock masters Russian Circles are back with what might be the best album of their storied career. I know, right? But Blood Year (Sargent House) is everything you want it to be. Mysterious, heavy, melodic, dramatic, full of riffs and builds and Bill Riffs, who is this guy I know that teaches an intro to guitar class at the local rec center. Ok, so maybe I made that last part up (i’ll never tell!) but I didn’t make any of the other stuff at all. Mere moments into the face-melting post-rock that is “Arluck” and you’re gonna wish you hadn’t canceled on Mr. Riffs’ class last week, so give it a listen!

Florist "Emily Alone (Double Double Whammy)"

The name says it all. Emily Alone (Double Double Whammy). Though this is the third LP from the band Florist, this is not an album by the band Florist. This IS a solo album of sorts from the driving force behind Florist, Emily Sprague, who performs every instrument and vocal track on the album, as well as some mixing. So its not surprising that this is as deeply personal an album as you are likely to ever hear. As Stereogum astutely wrote in their “Album Of The Week” review “Emily Alone isn’t an indie rock album, or a singer-songwriter album, or a folk album, or anything as easily pigeonholed as that. It’s an inward excavation, not a genre exercise. Really, it only reminds me of one album. Emily Alone is soft and soothing and beautiful, like Nick Drake’s Pink Moon. And like Nick Drake’s Pink Moon, it’s utterly immersed in depression and oblivion.” Woah. I know, right? Check out “Shadow Bloom.”