Past Releases

Tessa Violet "Bad Ideas (Act 1)"


“Dad why are YOU listening to her” are some of my favorite words I like to hear….and yes that did happen when I was listening to Tessa Violet.  I mean, she is an insanely talented singer/songwriter who just happens to be an insanely popular You Tube personality and one of those people who has lots of instagram followers.  No, I’m not trying to gaslight you (ok that gets a kid eye roll), but Tessa is the real deal-just imagine all thing that make upbeat indie pop the best, mixed with all those Taylor Swift earworms. Not to mention, she might be the smartest kid in the room? Her very 2019 release plan is as follows: releasing the album one song at a time over the next year and a half, split into three EPs:Bad IdeasACT I, ACT II, and ACT III. So that gives us “Bad Ideas (Act1), and I love the idea of that! So for now dig into “Crush!”

Jesse Malin "Sunset Kids"

The legendary Jesse Malin is back with a solo album produced by no less than the also legendary Lucinda Williams. You might know him from his time in D Generation, or early hardcore band Heart Attack, but even if you don’t you’re likely to fall in love with his current, roots-y solo sound. A little like The Boss, a little like the late Tom Petty, and a lot like Jesse. Sunset Kids is more packed with rockers than the common room in an old folk’s home. Get it? Rocking chairs? Is that mean? I can’t tell anymore. But what I can tell is how fantastic these tunes are. So check out “Meet Me at the End of the World Again.”

The Silence "Metaphysical Feedback (Drag City)"

Whatever Masaki Batoh is making, we are listening. Wether its with Ghost, a solo record, or like we have here-The Silence! Metaphysical Feedback (Drag City) is a little prog-y, a little psych… ok, maybe more than a little psych… what I’m trying to say here is that this new record is a lot of great things all mixed together to make something even better than the sum of its parts. Its parts being a mixture of King Crimson, John Zorn, and the past 30+ year career of Masaki Batoh. Check out the horn-fueled album standout “Freedom.”

Jay Som "Anak Ko (Polyvinyl)"

Melina Duterte, aka here as Jay Som, cites the “lush, poppy sounds of 80s bands such as Prefab Sprout, the Cure, and Cocteau Twins” for her turn towards that sort of sound on her stellar new album Anak Ko(Polyvinyl). Yes, she still records most of the parts by herself, at home (though she has a bit of help here from a few friends-including Laetitia Tamko, Justus Proffit, and her washer and dryer for a little ambience in places-eat your heart out Matmos!) this is the pure distillation of her sound turning ever more shimmery-and I couldn’t be more into this new sound. For the perfect example of it check out the jangly “Superbike.”