Past Releases

The Monsters "Du Hesch Cläss, Ig Bi Träsch (Slovenly Recordings)"

Slovenly’s mother tongue recordings imprint is psyched beyond belief to present to the freaks and creeps of planet Earth, the 8th LP from Switzerland’s THE MONSTERS: “Du Hesch Cläss Ig Bi Träsch” (“You’re Class I’m Trash”)! Scandinavian Bestial Death Metal? PUH-LEEZE. Japanese Harsh Noise? GIMME A FUCKIN BREAK! This is the true evil that rock’n’rollers do, and you’ll be trembling in your creepers before your asses even get close to bumping to the radical raunch contained on this truly amazing long-player. Even long time rabid fans will be stunned by the sheer magnitude of nastiness and horror here, and if you’re a newcomer, we wish you the best of luck! Yeah, that’s a harpsichord and a choir on the intro. Oops, that’s the outro. We listen to shit backwards and you should too.

The Royal Arctic Institute "From Catnap to Coma"

The Royal Arctic Institute is an instrumental, post-punk, cinematic jazz quintet. Their new EP ‘From Catnap to Coma‘ was recorded by James McNew (Yo La Tengo) in the historic Neumann Leather Factory in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Members John Leon (guitar), and Lyle Hysen (drums) combine 50+ years of experience (Das Damen, Roky Erickson’s backing band, & more). The quintet is rounded out by David Motamed (bass), Lynn Wright (guitar), and Carl Baggaley (keyboard). The group self-describe their music as “post-everything.”

A Place To Bury Strangers "See Through You"

See Through You is the highly anticipated 6th album from Post-Punk Legends A Place To Bury Strangers. Outpacing even their own firmly blazed path of audio annihilation, this album repeatedly delivers the massive walls of chaos and noise that every A Place To Bury Strangers fan craves in spades. See Through You is an explosive journey which explores the listener’s limits of mind-bending madness while simultaneously offering the catchiest batch of songs in the band’s discography. It’s a nod of the cap to the art school ethos of the band’s origins, while forging a new and clear direction forward. Simply put, See Through You is an epic, instant classic.

Squirrel Flower "Planet EP (Polyvinyl)"

Distilled to perfection in Boston’s DIY scene, Squirrel Flower’s Planet EP is a rustic cognac for the soul, fruit-notes and floral scents with a warm, full feeling. Or maybe not – I’m not fancy enough for Cognac. Regardless, Ella William’s latest proves her to be one of the new innovators of that slow-paced-bummer-ish-lo-fi-indie-folk sound pioneered by artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Angel Olsen. Planet EP’s low, layered, synths float beneath her feathery, melancholic voice and just above the simplistic drum lines. Sparse guitars, harmonic vocals, and the audio equivalent of sunbeams refracted through the cloudy darkness of bedrooms at dusk. Find hope in the final crescendos of songs like “live wire”, and “ruby at dawn” (all uncapitalized at the artist’s request, lending credence to the lo-fi-ness of it all) or dive into the experimental side of the pool and check out the cover of “unravel” by Bjork – which provides a rough, reverberating change of pace to the otherwise silken release (silken like Yoo-Hoo, which I am exactly fancy enough for).