Past Releases

We Were Sharks "New Low (RTP)"

The We Were Sharks story is one of tenacity and passion, being told with catchy vocal hooks and crunchy guitar riffs. Since 2011 these Canadians have been dedicating their lives to pumping out tunes and tearing apart highways. With a recently solidified five-man lineup We Were Sharks are poised to pop.

Based in Ottawa and collecting members from the far reaches of Eastern Canada, We Were Sharks continue to wield the full force of Canadian alternative music. Through a penchant for blending melodic harmony with powerful dissonance, they continue to produce infectious music. Even though these boys already have a lot of mileage under their belts, their book is far from written.

Storefront Church "As We Pass (Sargent House)"

From Sargent House:


Storefront Church, the Lukas Frank helmed Los Angeles-based band has their debut album As We Pass on the way, and today they’ve released the final single from it. “Total Stranger” features Frank’s lush and evocative vocals over melancholy orchestration expressing unshakable love. The song follows the cavernous first single “After The Alphabets” which you can listen to here. DIIV’s Cole Smith is credited as a contributor on both songs as an instrumentalist and co-songwriter. As We Pass, available May 21st via Sargent House is a sweeping artistic statement that paints dark, weathered landscapes paired with Frank’s mournful croon and howls summoned via poignant songwriting that recalls the likes of Roy Orbison, Scott Walker, and Jeff Buckley. 

Reigning Sound "A Little More Time with Reigning Sound (Merge)"

From Merge Records:


The old saying “you can’t go home again” is most often true. Life moves on and nothing stays the same, but that’s certainly not the case for songwriter Greg Cartwright, who returned to his home city of Memphis to record the new Reigning Sound album, A Little More Time with Reigning Sound.

And it’s not only the terrain that’s familiar: For this new LP, Cartwright also reunited with Reigning Sound’s original “Memphis lineup” of Jeremy Scott (bass), Greg Roberson (drums), and Alex Greene (keyboards), all of whom played on the band’s earliest recordings. The new songs explore fresh lyrical and musical territories but at times also tastefully echo back to Reigning Sound’s Break Up, Break Down and Time Bomb High School. That’s not by chance—it’s just what happens when these musicians get in the same room. Their sonic chemistry hasn’t faded a bit.

Joey Pecoraro "Old Time Radio"