Past Releases

Terror "Pain Into Power"

For two decades Terror have been relentless. The band has achieved a kind of longevity that’s exceedingly rare, managing to stay both consistently active and consistently ferocious–a feet that’s taken them from their underground roots to being one of the most legendary groups in hardcore. Now on their eighth studio album, Pain Into Power, the band have bridged the gap between their past and present, with original guitarist Todd Jones returning to the fold to produce an extraordinarily visceral record that proves Terror’s future is looking as fast, heavy, and aggressive as ever.

Hayden Calnin "Something/Anything"

“‘(Something/Anyhting) is an EP that is bringing some never released tracks back to life. I chose to put all these songs together to show what can be lost musically and because they sat around the same key, so it flowed into what hopefully sounds like one big journey of a song,’ Says Calnin Hayden.

Hayden released his latest album, What It Means To Be Human, in the fall of 2021. The record showcases Calnin’s growth as an artist and finds him confidently embracing orchestral-infused, progressive, cinematic folk pop into his sound. Written, recorded, and produced almost entirely by Hayden, the record is meant to be a movie score for human existence, pushing the listener to explore their place in the world and who they want to be in it. It follows recent EPs and his 2016 debut double album, Cut Love Pt. 1 & 2.”


– Michael Major, Broadway World

William Basinski "“ . . . on reflection “"

Time and duration are core themes in the work of both William Basinski and Janek Schaefer, and this long-distance collaboration took a suitably long gestation of eight years from start to finish. In that time, our collective perception of time has at times become disorienting. “ . . . on reflection ” remodels that instability as an exquisite work of art – one that is unmoored by time or space.

Limitation breeds creativity, revealed as an expression of minimalism and close focus. Deploying a delicate piano passage from their collective archive, Basinski and Schaefer weave and reweave in numerous ways, forging an iridescent flurry of flickering melodies. The sounds of various birds heard from late night windows on tour can occasionally be heard throughout, ricocheting off mirrored facades, reflecting on themselves as they continually reshape their own environments with song.

“ . . . on reflection ” looks backwards, a bustling revelry of positive emotions heard through the aging mirrors of memory. It is a celebratory meditation where sound shimmers through time like the light of the sea’s waves glistening as it folds and unfolds upon itself.

Sulene "In The Style of David Lynch"

Buzz Music: What kind of listening experience should we expect on your upcoming EP, ‘In The Style of David Lynch?’

Sulene: More intense riffs, in-your-face lyrics, some experimental stuff. A burst of energy.

Buzz Music: We have to ask — what’s your favorite David Lynch film?

Sulene: Lost Highway. And now I’ve given something away about the music video, haha.

Buzz Music: We’re so excited to hear the full album. How excited are you for the world to hear it?

Sulene: I can’t wait! It was such a labor of love, and it’s really, really special to me. Honestly, I’m just grateful anyone listens to my music. It’s really cool. 


– Buzz Music, Sulene Revs The Senses In A New Music Video For, ‘Electrosexual'”