Past Releases

Neal Francis "In Plain Sight"

In Plain Sight rose from the ashes of a difficult couple of years for Francis after he returned in 2019 from touring behind his debut album. The keyboardist went through a breakup and found himself living in a church—the same church where most of the album was ultimately recorded. This latest offering finds Francis reflecting on themes of redemption and resiliency as listeners go on a guided musical journey of atonement.

Emma Ruth Rundle "Engine of Hell"

Emma Ruth Rundle’s forthcoming Engine of Hell is stark, intimate, and unflinching. For anyone that’s endured trauma and grief, there’s a beautiful solace in hearing Rundle articulate and humanize that particular type of pain not only with her words, but with her particular mysterious language of melody and timbre. The album captures a moment where a masterful songwriter strips away all flourishes and embellishments in order to make every note and word hit with maximum impact, leaving little to hide behind. The first single “Return” is available today via Sargent House and comes accompanied with a striking and introspective video directed by Rundle herself.


Youth Fountain "Keepsakes & Reminders"

With a new energy and determination empowering Zanon, there’s a lot on the horizon for Youth Fountain. He’s been spending the pandemic hard at work readying the next full-band LP, Keepsakes & Reminders and re-centering himself on why he began making music in the first place. In many ways, this musical rebirth is the best thing that could have ever happened for him, a chance for him to fall back in love with his own songwriting ability and bravely dare to continue pushing its limits under no one’s terms but his own.

Naytonix "Other Possibilities"

Perhaps best known for his work in Tune-Yards, multi-instrumentalist Nate Brenner’s own music as Naytronix covers an equally adventurous terrain, as he navigates danceable beats, dreamy ambience, and whimsical compositional elements that bring to mind groundbreakers like Robert Wyatt and David Byrne/Talking Heads. His fourth album, Other Possibilities, is out October 29th on Overseas Artists Recordings.