Past Releases

James Levy "Somebody"

Hot off the heels of producing the final two singles from the late, great Charles Bradley-NY musician, producer James Levy is back to his own sounds with the release of Somebody. Oh wait, did I say NY musician? That’s not exactly true anymore, as is evidenced by “NYC,” the excellent first song on this album. See, that song is a breakup song. In fact, the whole thing is a breakup album. But who is James breaking up with? Why NY of course! He’s up and relocated to Nashville. It makes sense then that this album teeters between a NY singer/songwriter sound and a Nashville roost/americana rock sound (and seeing as how its produced by ex-Avett Brother James Defiglia-that totally makes sense). So check out what Rolling Stone Country called “one of the 10 Best Country and Americana Songs To Hear Now” and check out the aforementioned “NYC.”



Eye Flys "Context (Thrill Jockey)"

If you aren’t into a heavy metal band singing a song called “Fuckface” then there isn’t much I can do to convince you to love Eye Flys new record Context (Thrill Jockey). If that is your sort of thing, however, get ready! Eye Flys are as heavy as can be, with some detuned hardcore hints rounding out their punnishing sound. Something of a supergroup, they are comprised of members of Full Oh Hell, Backslider, and Triac (and those of you in the know will have already figured out that they got their name from The Melvins). So put on the blackest t-shirt you own and destroy whatever room you are in right now listening to “Stems.”

Chelsea Wolfe "Birth of Violence (Sargent House)"

Its (relatively) easy to release a summer album. Some good time vibes, something easy to party and rock out with-and you have yourself a summer album! But what, dear reader, of the fall album? Well that is a trickier apple to bob for. Leave it to office favorite Chelsea Wolfe to release what might be the perfect autumnal album. Stripped of much of the loud, sinister sounds she’s been known for recently, Birth Of Violence (Sargent House) is a stunningly beautiful record. Acoustic guitars; haunting, stripped back production; and Chelsea’s gorgeous vocals–along with her knack for songwriting–are the stars here. The whole thing just oozes a chilly beauty (like a candy bar left in the freezer–except good for you!). Now if all this doesn’t sound like the perfect fall release to you, then I suggest you check out the first single from the album “The Mother Road” and see (with your ears, that is) exactly what I mean.

Scoville Unit "Scoville Unit (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)"

If you have room in your heart for at least one more guitar-based, pop-punk/indie rock record full of real emotions, harmonies, and hooks, then make that record the latest (and greatest) record from Scoville Unit. Their new self-titled LP was written in secret by Gandhar Savur (but with guidance and advice from Cigarettes After Sex’s Greg Gonzales), recorded by the band, and then mastered at Abbey Road. The result is decidedly out of time for 2019, but maybe that’s why it stands out the way it does? This is clearly a personal record… no. I don’t mean like a diary (but personal record would be a funny way to describe a diary) I mean that this is obviously some from the heart songwriting. Jangly, punky, poppy, and nostalgic, this record is sure to have a little something for everybody. Fall under Scoville Unit’s spell and check out “Weight Of Misunderstanding.”