Past Releases

Holly Hive "Holy Hive (Big Crown)"

With their new record released on Big Crown, Holy Hive’s beautifully simple-and-sparse Folk Soul sound is back—but updated. With new influences and the challenge of creating and capturing music during a global pandemic, this new self-titled album, is more personal, more reflective.

Jesse Malin "Sad And Beautiful World (Wicked Cool)"

Sad and Beautiful World is Jesse Malin’s full length follow up to 2019’s Sunset Kids, which was produced by Lucinda Williams and Tom Overby. The album features Ryan Adams, Dave “Immy” Immergluck of the Counting Crows, Tommy Stinson of The Replacements, and more.

Micheal Seyer "A Good Fool (Rough Trade Publishing)"

Jesse Malin has released the 11-track A Good Fool as a follow up to 2018’s Bad Blood. The album is chock full of methodical, deliberate indie pop. Recorded and written over quarantine, A Good Fool finds Malin sounding as good as he ever has.

Sad Park "It’s All Over (Lauren Records)"

Sad Punk’s It’s All Over is a follow up to 2018’s Sleep and is an emo punk bash all the way through!